About Us


Rachael Ryen started with the idea that every woman deserves beautiful jewelry that doesn't cost a small fortune. While there is a ton of jewelry in the market for you to choose from, we specialize in pieces that look very similar to fine jewelry at a fraction of the cost.
To make such a high quality collection, we sought out the best manufacturing techniques (the same used in making fine jewelry) and scoured the world for beautiful genuine semi-precious stones. The end result is full of beautiful, timeless pieces that will last for years with basic care. 
We cast in sterling silver, not mystery metals. Our jewelry won't turn you green nor will it make you break out. We also only work with ethical suppliers and manufacturers to ensure our pieces are handmade by workers who are paid a fair wage and have safe and clean working conditions. 
We're excited to introduce new designs and have you start your Rachael Ryen collection. Please feel free to email us anytime with questions or feedback at rachael@rachaelryen.com.