Meet Rachael

Rachael Ryen is a designer jewelry brand that focuses on colorful, modern jewelry with a dainty, delicate feel. 

Founded in 2011, the Rachael Ryen Jewelry Collection is the brainchild of designer Rachael Byers. Rachael's love for jewelry and accessories developed at a young age when she started experimenting with her grandma's beads and agates that her grandpa would polish. While she's always appreciated the complexity of fashion, her outlook on accessories is simple: "I've always loved jewelry. Delicate, dainty everyday pieces that you can layer without getting lost in. The look has to be timeless."

As Rachael shopped for pieces to enhance her personal collection, she noticed noticed there weren't many jewelry brands that offered much in between the “costume” and “fine” jewelry categories. "It was difficult to find a beautiful, genuine stone that wasn't set in solid gold with a price to match. The fine jewelry was overly traditional and the costume and fashion jewelry was cheaply made or way too trendy to invest in."   With designs in hand and a goal to fill a void in the marketplace, Rachael Ryen Jewelry was born.

Rachael Ryen weds 14k gold vermeil, gold-filled and sterling silver with vibrant, colorful semi-precious gemstones and diamonds. The line is best known for its delicate use of gold framing around beautifully faceted semi-precious stones and pave diamond pieces such as the Diamond Initial Pendant Necklace. Each design is carefully crafted with no detail left untouched.

Headquartered in Boston, our designs are available at www.rachaelryen.com as well as in boutiques nationwide and through select partner retail sites. 




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