Jewelry Care & Cleaning

Rachael Ryen Jewelry is carefully crafted using the same design techniques of fine jewelry brands. Quality is paramount to our brand and we hand inspect each piece before its shipped to our customers. With some care, your jewelry should last for years. Please keep the following instructions in mind when caring for your jewelry:

- We recommend your jewelry be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off in the evening. 

- Avoid exposing jewelry to harsh chemicals such as chlorine, lotion, hair spray, perfume, harsh detergents, ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners, and oils as these effect the gold plating.  

- Pieces with prongs can catch on knits and sweaters. Please exercise extra caution when wearing. 

- Remove jewelry before bathing, immersing hands in hot water, or exercising.

- Gold jewelry reacts with chlorine. Never take your gold jewelry into a pool or spa.

- Jewelry should be stored in fabric pouches, boxes or zip lock bags. Make sure they are wrapped individually (in tissue or cloth) to avoid scratching.

Jewelry should be cleaned carefully with a clear mild soap and warm water. Jewelry should not be steam cleaned or submerged in water. Ultrasonic cleaners can be especially damaging to many gemstones. It’s best to avoid use. Make sure to rinse well and dry your jewelry completely with a soft cloth before storing.

Both gold vermeil and sterling silver items can tarnish (a darkening in color) over time. If your jewelry becomes tarnished, it’s recommended that you use a liquid silver polish, following the instructions on the bottle, to restore the finish. Do not immerse jewelry in any substance for more than 60 seconds. Always rinse thoroughly after using any cleaner or polish. In some cases, a professional polish at a jewelry store nearest you will slow down the tarnishing process even more. Handmade items may tarnish quicker than machine made jewelry.