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Summer Vacation

By: Rachael Byers
Next month we're off to the west coast for 10 days of business meetings, family, friends and two birthday celebrations. We're hitting 5 cities and have an array of activities planned so thoughtful packing is key (a little secret about me...I never pack more than a single carry-on. True story). Being that my other half and I are "wine enthusiasts" (I was, however, not enthusiastic about having to move our said wine across the country last July, but that's for another post all together) wine country was a perfect destination to spend my upcoming birthday. 
Here are a few of the pieces that made it into my "must have" pile for this adventure.
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Of course I had to include two new arrivals. The lariat necklace and open bangle will be up on the site in a week or so for purchase. Please inquire in the meantime if you have questions. Another item of note is the brown leather tote. This is by a designer I found on Etsy. Rather than purchasing from a known brand, I love supporting small businesses and other designers especially since the best form of marketing is someone else wearing your product. 
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