Spring Collection, inspired by vintage finds

These new arrivals found an old home, set on top of my vintage mirrored tray once owned and recently gifted to me by my wonderful grandmother. The best gifts in life were once loved.

My spring collection is the first fully inspired by the simple art deco shapes and bold colors that adorned the women of the mid-1920’s through World War II.  What’s old will once again be new. 

Women’s lives dramatically changed in the 1920’s. During World War I, women were called upon to fill the positions left vacant by men fighting in the war. Out went the traditional submissive lady, in walked a confident, self-sufficient woman who wasn’t afraid to turn heads. Freedom and liberation took center stage. This new breed of woman brought forward new style, from shorter hemlines to bold jewelry that made a statement. 

Art Deco style can be identified by streamlined, angular geometric shapes. Gemstones in vibrant colors and bold shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons fell from the necks of women everywhere. 

As you’ll see from our spring and fall / holiday collections, we’re betting you’ll fall in love with these designs all over again. Spring showcases simple bezel set gemstones in sleek shapes such as the hexagon drop necklace in a bright purple amethyst, blue topaz and crystal quartz. Bright gemstone square studs and new charm necklaces such as our lucky gold key (reminiscent of a traditional skeleton key) round out this season. Simple, subtle and show stopping. 

What was once old is new. Styles evolve, yet as we’ve seen throughout the years, fashion will always repeat itself.  

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