• Diamonds are April's Best Friend
  • Rachael Byers

Diamonds are April's Best Friend

That's right, it's birthstone time again! April babies are lucky enough to grow into the ultimate stone for their celebration: diamonds. These super-tough stones get their name from the Greek word "adamas," meaning "invincible" and are widely regarded as one of the hardest materials on earth. 
Diamonds come in a rainbow of colors, including blue, black, green, pink, red, purple and orange, depending on which "impurities" (we'd say "enhancements") are involved. Yellow diamonds contain minute traces of nitrogen, for example. 
And since diamonds are thought to increase their wearer's inner strength and enhance relationships, you don't need to be April-born to rock this rock. We recommend our 22k Gold Diamond Disc Earrings. These smooth satin discs are subtly accentuated with delicate 1mm white diamonds to create a timeless everyday earring. 
Or go all-out for April with our Aries Diamond Zodiac Charm Necklace, a 14k solid gold mounting with 10 1mm round white diamonds in the shape of an Aries ram on a 16, 18, 20 or 24 inch gold chain. 
Happy April from RachaelRyen.comX
  • Rachael Byers

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