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All that sparkles


My love for jewelry started at an early age. While I envy those who came from generations of jewelry designers and makers, my first steps into the world of glitter and gold were much more subtle.

It started with a single strand of pearls and a woman whom I looked up to (literally and figuratively). She was my great grandmother and she was flawless. Strong, confident, kind and classy. I was only 5, but I had decided she was the woman I wanted to become. 

Each visit to her home brought with it an opportunity to dig inside this grand treasure chest of all things that sparkled. To my great grandmother, it was a simple wooden jewelry box. To me, it was endless hours of make believe and dress up. Graduated, white perfectly round pearls. A gold clasps with an intricate filigree pattern. Round, bright old mine cut diamond studs. A well-loved gold locket with a delicate, engraved starburst.

As my collection has evolved it’s taken on the essence of that 5 year old girl who dreamed of being a classy, sophisticated woman. Modern with vintage elements peppered throughout, just like my great grandmother. I’ll never forget the world of “sparkle” she introduced me to. 

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