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Pretty Protection

The Hamsa (sometimes written as "khamsa") is an amulet shaped like an open hand, warn for protection and strength. Popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, this sacred symbol in commonly used for wall hangings, door knockers, and of course jewelry. It depicts an open right hand, palm up, an image thought to ward off the evil eye throughout many societies. The Hamsa is also known alternately as the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Mary and the Hand of Miriam.
Now it can be your helping hand, whatever your name, with our 14k Gold Diamond Hamsa Charm Necklace. This diamond charm measures half an inch high and packs a stunning 21 diamonds onto its delicate frame. A true RachaelRyen.com original, this alluring charm is absolutely unique and unrepeatable. With details like tiny 1mm round white diamonds, a 14k gold cable chain and a lobster clasp closure, this handcrafted, US-made piece is sure to ward off the evil eye, while still turning heads.
  • Rachael Byers

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