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Amethyst Options

For a lot of people, gemstones are synonymous with birthstones, those colorfully cute and personal jewels designated for each month of the year. Some say this tradition dates all the way back to the breastplate of Aaron, which featured 12 unique gemstones, representing the 12 tribes of Israel. There are many mysterious legends and myths surrounding birthstones, tales of their healing powers and therapeutic properties. Apparently, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month is auspicious and powerful.
Also: it's fun to have a special stone, just for you and your birthday! For February, this means amethyst, a stone believed by ancient Greeks and Romans to keep its Aquarian wearers clear-headed and quick-witted, and during the Middle Ages, the English opted for amethysts as the gemstone of choice for royalty.
At RachaelRyen.com, we have varying shades and shapes for an even more personal touch. We love the elegance, cut and clean lines of Purple Amethyst Tear Drop Gold Framed Long Drop Earrings and the fun, funky color and shape of our Purple Amethyst Chunky Gold Mixed Link Statement Bracelet. And for a departure from tradition, try our Green Amethyst Satellite Chain Petite Gemstone Pendant, a unique and graceful take on this month's special stone.
  • Rachael Byers

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