• Pretty in Pavé
  • Rachael Byers

Pretty in Pavé

Pavé settings lend a classy, shimmering quality to jewelry. More sparkle than bling, pave is becoming ever more popular as an accessorizing option that elevates your style to instant elegance. 
Pavé comes from the french word meaning paved, calling to mind cobblestone walkways shimmering with fresh rain as the sunlight shines down. This method uses bead setting, where stones are set directly into the metal using tiny chisels called "gravers," with many tiny diamonds or crystals set close together, for a glimmering, lustrous sheen.
At RachelRyen.com we offer a full line of fine pavé jewelry. Some of our favorites include:
-Gold and White Topaz Pave Disc Pendant Necklace, a 22k gold vermeil disc with white topaz circular pave detail hung on 16 inch gold-filled ball chain. This dazzling droplet of sparkling stones makes a simple yet stunning statement.
-Gold Round Stud Earrings with White Topaz Pave Square, a reversal of the familiar pavé border, featuring a pretty pavé squared center surrounded by smooth, round gold. In 22k gold vermeil and white topaz, these earrings are lux and light. 
  • Rachael Byers

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