• The ABCs of Accessories
  • Rachael Byers

The ABCs of Accessories

Who can forget Carrie's trademark nameplate necklace from Sex and the City? Simple yet stylish, and cute but still chic, it added a personal, girlish touch to many of her outrageous outfits. 
Now Rachael Ryen Jewelry wants to get personal--and posh!--with you...with your initials, in diamonds and gold. Our full line of Petite Diamond Letter Necklaces features a 14k initial in soft rose gold, stunning white gold, or traditional gold, outlined with delicate, tiny 1mm white diamonds. Each letter hangs from a 14k gold necklace, with customizable lengths ranging from 16 to 24 inches. 
Stunning, sparkling and surprisingly sweet, these necklaces are a perfect gift for bridesmaids or best friends, a way to add personal flair and make a charming statement, whether paired with a cocktail dress, or leggings and boots. It's about identity, luxury, and back-to-basics style. As simple, versatile and necessary as the ABCs. 
  • Rachael Byers

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